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  • What is minky fabric?
    Luxurious and silky soft, minky fabric resembles real mink to the touch. It has a soft short pile and is as soft as cashmere. Minky is the ultimate fabric for creating baby blankets, cosy robes, apparel, toys, quilt backings, and just about any baby accessory. We have sourced the best quality fabric we can find, to ensure your blankets are as soft as possible.
  • Caring for my Minky Blanket
    Our blankets are double seamed for durability so they can be washed in the washing machine. Simply, machine wash in COLD water with regular detergent. Try not to wash with hot water as thismay cause the dimple backing fabric to loose its dots. Line Dry for best results.
  • What size are the blankets?
    Minky Blankets are available in Mini to Large sizes. Measurements are approximateand may vary slightly from blanket to blanket. Each product will show the sizes that are avaliable in that style or design. Blankets other than standard minky will show the measurements in the product description. Mini: 45cm X 70cm Medium: 70cm X 90cm Large: 90cm X 135cm
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